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We Peruvians feel proud of our heritage. In colonial times, immigrants arrived in Peru and introduced a vast array of flavors and ingredients. Spanish, indigenous, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, African, creole and Amazonian cultural trends shaped what we now know as Peruvian food. Why is our cuisine so sensational? Because it absorbed the culinary influences of the globe. Crossing many frontiers, Peruvian cuisine has achieved worldwide recognition. Indian, Malaysian or Taiwanese audiences may not know much about Peru. But they are certainly acquainted with our cuisine.

About us

We are a restaurant based on a home-like feeling but that also gives you a mystical feeling of Peru along with a formal diner feeling. We have taken over the Rego park and forest hills area with our delicious roasted chicken. Don't forget our famous green hot sauce. We serve for all kinds of events and even do catering. When one walks into our restaurant, the feeling can differ depending on the times of the day, seeing as our restaurant is more of a formal or casual diner. We do not serve breakfast but afternoon we can give you a cozy lunch that fills up your hunger with flavors of a new, different, but indeed very delicious cuisine. We love to see the smiles of our costumers as they walk out knowing that they paid a small price for such a big plate of food. We are specializes in roasted chicken but offers ceviche, meat, vegetarian and of course seafood.


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    "If you haven't already, it's definitely worth giving this place a try. Cuzco is a perfect example of the great, reasonably priced foreign food you can find queens." Maggi M.

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    "Their sangria's awesome!! The chicken was moist and flavorful. Delicious. The rice, salad and maduros was also very good." Luis P.

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    "Excellent chicken, maduros and tostones have been perfect every time I've stopped by, excellent chicken soup, and the Jalea is good. Their green sauce is on par with the better-known Peruvian restaurant." Gordon C.

Our video
Peruvian food picks up on many Spanish and Latin themes but separates itself by the unique tastes of Peru's indigenous peppers. See our video on Youtube