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We opened Cuzco Peru restaurant with the dream of presenting the wide diversity and fusion of Peruvian food, using the best and most authentic ingredients, in a modern presentation. Peruvian cuisine fuses many different ethnicities, including Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and African, and is increasingly being recognized as world class.

Did You Know

Seven piscos from Peru awarded at Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. Peru's flagship drink, pisco, keeps on succeeding abroad. This time Peruvian pisco had outstanding participation in Palermo, Italy, where 270 experts awarded seven Peruvian brands at the prestigious Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, an international wine and grape spirits competition. Read more
It's hard to describe countries without making sweeping statements or delving into clichés, so I won't even attempt to describe Peru, other than to state some (hopefully obvious to everyone) facts: It's in South America, its official language is Spanish, and it's beautiful from its landmarks to its people.
Cusqueña beer has been awarded the Gold and Grand Gold medals at Monde Selection. Cerveza Cusqueña wins 16 international recognitions in the last five years. Read more